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This is the Archive page  of the club’s  newsletter  “Solid Copy”  for 2023.  Click on the issue of the Month you wish to review and enjoy your reading !

The newsletter will cover the last month’s news and provide articles about CW-related topics including, News and Notes, Giving Back, CW Academy, New Members, CWops Tests, CWops Member Awards, QTX Report, and My Story: New Member Biographies. It may include photos, audio files, and other content.

Solid Copy No 167 – December 2023

Editor’s Notes: Jumping In
News and Notes
How We Were: GWØKRL
JN1THL: Hokkaido Ham Fest
AE5EZ: Roll Your Own QSL Card
N1LN: CW Open Update


Solid Copy No 166 – November 2023

Editor’s Notes: CWops Marathon?
News and Notes
How We Were: GWØETF
AA5JF: CWops and POTA
JN1THL: Prepping for CQ WW CW
W8HW: Tuner Myths and Facts
N9EEE: Left-Handers Rule
GWØETF: RSGB Convention
N1LN: CW Open Results
My Story: New Member Introductions


Solid Copy No 165 – October 2023

Editor’s Notes: Key Fright
News and Notes
How We Were: GW0KRL
JN1THL: Tokyo Ham Fair
K6DGW: Where In Blazes Am I
MØKTZ: Ragchewing – Magic Side of CW
N3JT: How To Grow CWops
W4ZYT: North American CW Weekend
My Story: New Member Biographies

Solid Copy No 164 – September 2023

Editor’s Notes: RIBs, Thanks Joe
News and Notes
QST Cover Plaque Award: W3LPL
How We Were: AA9RK
MMØTWX: RF Trouble In Paradise
N6ZFO: NCCC Sprint Ladder
MØWXG: It Started With A Dit
VE3GFN: A Sailing Adventure
HB9DAX: Flashback – QRP on Falknis

Solid Copy No 163 – August 2023

Editor Notes: Thanks Hank
News and Notes
How We Were: W6SX
CW Open Announcement
N9EEE: A Key Interview w/W1SFR
WT8P: Field Day in the Mountains
N3TRW: POTA in the Boundary Waters
IT9VDQ: IARU HF Championships
VE5MX & VE3EJ: CWops Team – WRTC 2022
KB3AAY: AI Poetry Corner
HB9DAX: From The Hearth
MIØWWB: CWA Student Feedback

Solid Copy No 162 – July 2023

Editor Notes: The CWops Fist
News and Notes
CW Open Announcement
How We Were: UR5ECW
N4ZR: Avoiding Cut Numbers
W5LXS: Field Day: 111F in the Shade
AB9YC: Blazing Paddles
N4BP: eField Day
W7JET/NJ7V: CWops Duo of Coconino
N3JT: RFI Intermittent Problem
K6RB: What a Day – CW Guys Visit KPH
K6DGW: Damped Waves
N3JT: Notes On 0700z CWT

Solid Copy No 161 – June 2023

Editor Notes: all-CW Field Day Team
QST Cover Plaque Award KX9X/N9NCY
How We Were: K3QP
CWops Hamvention Dinner Photos
Advancing the Art of CW Award: OE1WKL
North American CW Weekend Photos
NNØG: Brute Force POTA
NNØG: “POTA Hex” Build Notes
N9EEE: A Key Interview w/N3ZN
K5VBA: Skylab Special Event Station
W8EWH: Right Place, Right Time
Giving Back
CW Academy
New Members
CWops Member Awards
CWops Tests (CWTs)
QTX: The Art of Conversational CW
My Story: New Member Biographies

Solid Copy No 160 – May 2023

Building Relationships
News and Notes
How We Were: W3WHK
CWops Dayton Hamvention Dinner
North American (DC) CW Weekend
N9EEE: QSL Cards – Love em or Hate em
KV8Q: My POTA Debut
KR2Q: Are You Addicted to Speed
VK3QB: Magic Band – 6 Metres on VK9NT
VU3HPF & VU2JXN: Andaman Island Expedition


Solid Copy No 159 – April 2023

News and Notes
CWops Dayton Hamvention Dinner
North American (DC) CW Weekend
How We Were: W3LPL
IK1YRA: CWTs on an Oil & Gas Rig
VK3QB: The Other Magic Band
N9EEE: RF Reverse Path Propagation
Poetry Corner with ChatGPT and W1WEF
My Story: New Member Biographies


Solid Copy No 158 – March 2023

ChatGPT For Ham Radio
News and Notes
CWops Dayton Hamvention Dinner
North American (DC) CW Weekend
K4MSG: Early Codes in Wireless
N9EEE: ChatGPT Weighs In On Cut Numbers
VK3QB: VK9CM DXped to Cocos-Keeling Islands
KF9VV: POTA and CW, A Perfect Fit
K1BG: Youth CW Academy
VA3IK, W6QEG: The Joy of a CW Student
How We Were: KB6NU


Solid Copy No 157 – February 2023

Internet Archive
News and Notes
CWops Dayton Hamvention Dinner
Advancing the Art of CW Award
How We Were: W2CDO
K1VR: I Heard Gus (Bouvet Isl)
K4MSG: U.S. Navy Code Story
KK0U: Ergonomic Keying
F6BCW: TX7G – The Marquesas
AF8A: Solar Eclipse QSO Party


Solid Copy No 156 – January 2023

New Year Resolutions
Annual Financial Report
Yasme Foundation Award of Excellence
News and Notes
CWops Dayton Hamvention Dinner
How We Were: AE0Q
WB2UZE: Haptic Device for Hearing
WF6F: My Experience w/Streamdeck
AH7RF: Aloha
K0AV: 3B8M CQWW After-action Report
KR2Q: Contests’ Effect on the WARC Bands

We welcome any member to submit material for “Solid Copy” by emailing your input to the newsletter editor Dick Strassburger, N9EEE: Use the subject “Newsletter.”

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