Welcome to CWops!  We bring together and support amateur radio operators who enjoy communicating by Morse Code (CW). We offer free CW training to those who want to learn this special skill that reaches back to the very beginning of ham radio and remains vital today. Learning and operating CW is fun and you can do it!

We Support Learning

Check out our CW Academy (or, if you’re under the age of 18, our Youth CW Academy) if you want to learn or improve your CW. We teach hundreds of enthusiastic CW students online in a class-like environment that makes learning fun and effective.

We Support the Art of Conversation

Do you want to make some comfortably – paced CW QSOs in a friendly, no pressure environment? Our Giving Back program is for you.

Is ragchewing your thing? We encourage and support on-air CW conversation with our QTX Program.

We Support Contesting

CWTs — Each week we sponsor four one-hour QSO party-type tests on Wednesday 1300Z and 1900Z, Thursday 0300Z  and 0700Z. For CWops members, the exchange is the member’s name and membership number. For non-members, the exchange is name and state/province or DX prefix. Report scores at 3830scores.com; no log submission is required.

CW Open — The CW Open occurs on the first Saturday of September each year. Our unique contest consists of three four-hour segments, each of which is scored independently (so you have three chances to win!).

We Support Awards Chasing

If you collect wallpaper, we issue plenty of it. We have six operating awards for you to chase.

We Recognize Excellence

We are pleased to sponsor The CWops Award for Advancing the Art of CW, which recognizes those who have substantially contributed to advancing the use of CW.

We also sponsor plaques awarded to the high scorers in several categories in major CW contests.

We are International

Our membership and management is international in scope.  Our officers and directors come from every continent (except Antarctica) , and our membership includes call signs from nearly 100 countries.

Interested in Membership?

The procedure for becoming a CWops member is explained here.  See our Articles of Incorporation and our Bylaws for more information on the goals and the operation of our club.

Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page, and/or email us at info@cwops.org.

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CWops Center of Activity Frequencies : 1.818, 3.528, 7.028, 10.118, 14.028, 18.078, 21.028, 24.908, and 28.028 MHz.

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