Dear CW Colleagues:

It is with considerable regret that the North American CW Weekend, tentatively scheduled for 5-7 June 2021, is cancelled for this year. After consulting with Jim N3JT and several of my medical colleagues, we concluded that given the risk of virus exposure and the pace of the COVID-19 vaccination program, it is clear holding the weekend would not serve the health interests of our membership. This is in part due to the profile of our membership, many of whom may be at higher risk from infection and subsequent complications than the general population. The DC area is such a population mixing bowl that the potential for increased inadvertent virus exposure is high, possibly to newer and more problematic strains. Most other major East Coast ham radio events scheduled for the first part of the year have now been cancelled – Dayton, Richmond Frostfest, Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta – again with an eye towards protecting the health of our fellow hams.

We are hopeful that progress towards controlling the virus and wide application of the vaccine program will permit a resumption of a more normal meeting/hamfest schedule soon. In the meantime, keep June 4-6, 2022 open for our next CW Weekend.

Hope to see you on the air. Vy 73,

Don Lynch W4ZYT

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