What makes a good CW op?

In a recent discussion on our mailing list, we debated the question of what makes a good CW operator. Everyone seemed to agree that Harv, K2PI had the best answer:

Proficiency – Able to send and receive the code with high accuracy and consistency at your mastered speed for an extended time without fatigue

Rhythm – A well-developed sense of the timing, procedures, spacing, and formation of the character elements such that their copy under adverse conditions, and sending, even when sent without automatic devices, demonstrates high skill.  Able to adapt those elements to meet the band conditions or needs of the receiving operator

Learning – Seeks to increase their skill, through on-air practice, training, and study, and volunteers to help other, less skilled or new CW Operators, to advance their skills

Behavior – Is courteous, patient, and understanding.  Recognizes that no one is born to CW, and that each of us is practicing an acquired skill the best way we know how.  Upholds the telegraphic tradition of on-air behavior that is above reproach, because they understand that they are part of a special fraternity

Passion – Enjoys CW, regardless of attained proficiency, because he or she recognizes that it is part of a long telegraphic tradition, and understands that amateur radio is richer and more interesting because of it