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There are other clubs for CW operators, each with its attractions. CWops is very different and stands out as a unique international organization because it advances the “state of the art” of operating across the full spectrum of CW activities – early introduction, rag chewing, contesting, DXing, and awards chasing.

  • Our educational programs and learning support systems are of the highest quality – and they work. The CWA Academy annually teaches hundreds of former and new CW enthusiasts CW in a classroom environment with a goal of proficiency at 25 wpm.
  • Our member rag chewing metrics are amazing – over 1700 rag chews are typically recorded during a two-month period as shown in the QTX and mini-QTX program summaries.
  • Our on-air competitive activities are broad and pervasive. The CWTs, weekly one-hour on-air QSO parties, are hugely popular and growing every month.  Typical is participation by over 800 operators with some 48,000 exchanges as reported on 3830scores.com.  Further, many CWops calls are regularly heard in contests; some play to win, others just to pass out points – but our presence is impactful.  The top placers in ARRL DX CW and other contests are filled with CWops members. They hone their skills in the CWTs. Moreover, CWops members regularly participate in major DX competitions from a dozen or more DX locations.
  • CWops members reside in some 100 countries and have been active in over 200 countries.  Members have been included on multiple DXpedition teams using exotic calls such as 9J2LA, D68CCC, TI9A, VP8PJ, ZC4UW and ZK3A.
  • Our awards program is vibrant and there is something for almost everyone – rag chewing, DXing, Worked All States, Worked All Europe, Worked All Zones, plus two awards encouraging members to work one another.

CWops has funded a scholarship fund through ARRL Foundation with a grant of $30,000. It is intended to provide funding for the educational expense of licensed Amateur Radio operators who know CW. Details are at CWops Scholarship Fund.

CWops promotes the continual improvement of CW proficiency across a broad range of activities.  We establish and support a range of events and programs that allow members to continually learn, practice and improve their CW skills. Please look around our website and read the latest issue of Solid Copy, the CWops monthly newsletter. CWops is the CW club of choice!

To find CWops friends on the bands, look “on the 8’s”: 1.818, 3.528, 7.028, 10.118, 14.028, 18.078, 21.028, 24.908, and 28.028 MHz. 

CU on the bands soon!

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CWops Center of Activity Frequencies : 1.818, 3.528, 7.028, 10.118, 14.028, 18.078, 21.028, 24.908, and 28.028 MHz.

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