About CWops


For all of January, 2020 CWops is celebrating its 10th Anniversary by hosting an on-the-air party and everyone is invited.  There will be awards, commemorative QSLs and certificates, plus lots of activity!  Whether you’re a casual operator, ragchewer, DXer, awards chaser, or contester, please join us in our special Celebration. Click here for details.

Welcome to CWops!  Our goal is to bring together Amateur Radio operators who enjoy communicating by Morse Code (CW).  CWops encourages the use of CW in Amateur communications, and it supports CW activity through planned events.  CWops promotes goodwill among Amateurs throughout the world, and it fosters the education of young people and others in matters related to Amateur Radio.

CWops is International in scope, membership and management.  Its focus is the use of CW, whether for contesting, DXing or ragchewing.  Moreover, it supports every form of sending — if it’s CW, CWops supports it!

The procedure for becoming a member is explained on the Membership page.  See the BYLAWS and the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION for the details of how the Club is administered, its goals, and membership process.

To find CWops friends on the bands, look “on the 8’s”:  CWops Primary Frequencies (MHz): 1.818, 3.528, 7.028, 10.118, 14.028, 18.078, 21.028, 24.908, and 28.028

CU on the bands soon!