Each month the latest version of the club’s  newsletter  “Solid Copy”   is posted here for you to read.  Click on the issue of the Month you wish to review and enjoy your reading !

The newsletter will cover the last month’s news and provide articles about CW-related topics. It may include photos, audio files, and other content.  Members are encouraged to submit articles about their personal ham radio adventures or interests to the newsletter editor: Tim Gennett, K9WX

Solid Copy No 128 – September 2020

News & Notes
New Slow Speed Test
K6RB: Giving Back Update
SV2BBK: Another Hobby Revealed
HB9DAX: Transarctic Ski Expedition
N5PHT: My First Five Years in CWops
W2TR: Florida Villages Antenna Farm

Solid Copy No 127 – August 2020

N6KR Guest Column: On Second Thought, I’ll Take the Stairs
News & Notes
N1LN: Announcing the 2020 CW Open
K7NJ: CWops Awards for Advancing the Art
W8WTS: Frequency Measuring Tests
K5RC: Towers and Antennas
N0AX: Give Sprint A Call
W9UCR: An Invitation
K6RB: Giving Back Update

Solid Copy No 126 – July 2020

News & Notes
NM5G: ARISS Astronaut Training
K6RB: Giving Back Update
WT9U: A Simple Remote Setup
W1WEF: Antenna Repairs
W3LPL: Remembering Wireless World
IARU Activity

Solid Copy No 125 – June 2020

News & Notes
NE9U: 2020 ARRL DX CW from PJ4
K6RB: Giving Back Update
AA3B: Hunting for New Members
K6RB: The Saga and the Vertical

Solid Copy No 124 – May 2020

News & Notes
K6RB: Giving Back Update
K9CT, N0AX, AB9YC: Live Contest Scores
W4ER: An Attic Antenna Farm
GW0ETF: Ballad of Negative Frequency

Solid Copy No 123 – April 2020

News & Notes
KJ9C: With the Murphy Clan in the INQP
W0FN: The Case for CW in this Digital Age
K8BKM: Traffic Handling
W6SX: Point of View – Name Calling

Solid Copy No 122 – March 2020

News & Notes
AA3B: 10 Year Anniversary Recap
K5RC: Still Crazy
W9ILY: DXpedition to FS
K6RB: Giving Back Update

Solid Copy No 121 – February 2020

News & Notes
GM0EUL: 3D Printed Paddles
G0JPS: Review of GM0EUL Paddles
WN7S: W1AW Code Proficiency
AD0WE: Morse Code Ninja
KC4D & K8CMO: Dayton CWops Dinner
W4ZYT: North American CW Weekend

Solid Copy No 120 – January 2020

W0TG: 10th Anniversary Celebration
News & Notes
AA3B: Anniversary Celebration Resources
K9CT: Annual Financial Report
K6RB: CWops Do Suriname
W4YES, WR7Q: CW Academy Phase II
N5PHT: Hearing Aids for Hams
W4ZYT: NA CW Weekend

We welcome any member to submit material for “Solid Copy” by emailing your input to the newsletter editor Tim Gennett, K9WX: Use the subject “Newsletter.”

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