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Year 2021  issues

This is the Archive page  of the club’s  newsletter  “Solid Copy”  for 2021.  Click on the issue of the Month you wish to review and enjoy your reading !

Solid Copy No 143 – December 2021

News & Notes
K6RB: Giving Back Update
W6SX: How We Were, W1RM
AD4EB: Mobile Contesting
K7NJ: The Award for Advancing the Art
IT9VDQ: Remote Operating
PA3HEN: Netherlands CW Club
K1RF: Loudspeaker Design Considerations
N3JT: My Other Hobby

Solid Copy No 142 – November 2021

News & Notes
N1LN: CW Open Update
AJ8B: N8AA Wins SWODXA Award
W1UU: 2022 Dayton Dinner
K6RB: Giving Back Update
W6SX: How We Were, AC0E
WA8Y: DXpediton to C6
N5NHJ: WkFlex for CW Remote
N3CW: Telegraph Key Mysteries

Solid Copy No 141 – October 2021

News & Notes
N1LN: 2021 CW Open Results
K6RB: Giving Back Update
N3JT: CWops Membership Milestones
W8UA: Waterfall Displays
DM4CW and GM4JPZ: World Cultural Heritage and the Code
N3JT: A Fun Visit to Northern Italy

Solid Copy No 140 – September 2021

News & Notes
KH6LC: Kamehameha Day Special Event Station K6K
W1WEF: A Disconnect for Wire Verticals
WU6X: RV Portable Ops

Solid Copy No 139 – August 2021

News & Notes
N1LN: 2020 CW Open Score Correction
N3JT: Inviting somebody to Join CWops
SV2BBK: Meet the New Members
N1LN: Are You Ready for the CW Open?
KT9X: Full Time RV HF Mobile
N3CW: Some Seldom-Seen CW Keys
W1WEF: Mix Matters

Solid Copy No 138 – July 2021

News & Notes
N1LN: The 2021 CW Open
K1IG: Increase Your CW Speed
HB9DAX: QRP Journey
K3TN. KE3X: Copying High Speed CW

Solid Copy No 137 – June 2021

News & Notes
K7NJ: The 2021 CWops Award
N3JT Point of View: Move On
W0TG: Tracking Member Awards
K8UT: A Better Mousetrap
F5IYJ and F5SGI: CW in France
OK4RM: The Chrome CW Experiment

Solid Copy No 136 – May 2021

News & Notes
K6RB: Giving Back Update
K6IM: First-Time SOTA Activations
K5XU: Meet the Braille Team
K7QA: Shunt Feeding Multiple Towers Part II
N3JT: CWops Scholarship Funded
K6ICS: Multi-Station Special Events

Solid Copy No 135 – April 2021

News & Notes
N3JT: The CWops Scholarship Fund
VE3GNA: Traffic Nets
GW4VXE: A Free Range Lifestyle
K6RB: Antenna and Tower Make Over
K7QA: Shunt Feeding Towers Made Easy
F6BCW: Ile de Sein Expedition
KM3A: Costa Rica SOTA Expedition

Solid Copy No 134 – March 2021

News & Notes
K6RB: Giving Back Update
W1UU: QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Recap
K1DJ: The K1USN SST Success Story
VA7OM: Foxhunting
KE5C: The G4FON Sending Trainer
G3WZD: Morse Neuroscience
AF8A: Planning for the Inevitable

Solid Copy No 133 – February 2021

News & Notes
K6RB: Giving Back Update
W1UU: QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo
K7NJ: CWops Award for Advancing the Art
K6TOR: Adventure on Angel Island
W8UA: An Attic Antenna Farm
W5XX: Locating the “Dream DX QTH”

Solid Copy No 132 – January 2021

News & Notes
K6RB: Giving Back Update
W1UU: QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo
K7NJ: CWops Award for Advancing the Art
K9CT: Annual Financial Report
KZ5D: CWops in September NA Sprint
4X6GP: Regenerating Radio Fun
KV8Q: My Attic Antenna Farm
N7WY: An Antenna for a Small Yard

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