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Team Contact E-mail  address
Awards Committee For Advancing CW Riki, K7NJ
Membership Committee Mark, N5OT
CW Academy
Joe, AA8TA
CW Open Manager Bruce, N1LN
CWops Operating Awards Bill, W0TG
CWT Manager Richard, VE3KI
Education Committee Don, N1DG
Jim, N3JT
Forum Identification Committee Bruce, NJ3K
General Information Rob, K6RB
Membership Secretary Trung, W6TN
Outreach & Public Relations TBD
QTX Awards
Bruce, K8UDH
Roster & Membership Directory Trung, W6TN
Solid Copy – Newsletter Editor Dick, N9EEE
Treasurer Craig, K9CT
Website Committee
Dan, KB6NU
Theo, SV2BBK


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