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This is the Archive page  of the club’s  newsletter  “Solid Copy”  for 2019.  Click on the issue of the Month you wish to review and enjoy your reading !

The newsletter will cover the last month’s news and provide articles about CW-related topics. It may include photos, audio files, and other content.

Solid Copy No 108 – January 2019

News & Notes
Award for Advancing the Art of CW
North American CW Weekend
CW and Fishing on the Kenai River
Moving from Texas to Iowa
My Visit with I5EFO

Solid Copy No 109 – February 2019

News & Notes
Perpetual Marine Mobile
VE7DZO and the CQ WW CW
DXing in Zaire
How to create pin maps
Award for Advancing the Art of CW
North American CW Weekend

Solid Copy No 110 – March 2019

News & Notes
SOTA: Summits on the Air
Politics in Radiosport
Building the QCX by QRP Labs
Award for Advancing the Art of CW
North American CW Weekend

Solid Copy No 111 – April 2019

News & Notes
Morse Code Structure
Side Tone and Code Practice Oscillator
Ragchewing 101
CWops Activated DXCC # 341
New Technology for Contesting Tedium

Solid Copy No 112 – May 2019

News & Notes
160m Mobile Contesting
A Month on Nevis
The Listeners at Gilnahirk
Fun in the Sun
Coping with Hearing Impairment
GDPR Compliance

Solid Copy No 113 – June 2019

News & Notes
PG4I: Morse code during the cold war
4Z4DX: DXpedition to Ghana
K9LA: Remembering W5ASP
K6RB: A patent for CWops
CWops at Dayton Hamvention

Solid Copy No 114 – July 2019

News & Notes
F5IYJ: Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
AJ8B: A Raspberry Pi QSL Card Display
W4ZYT: CW Weekend
N1LN: 2019 CW Open

Solid Copy No 115 – August 2019

News & Notes
W0TG: CWops 10th Anniversary celebration
N1LN: 2019 CW Open
NX4N: Operating Mobile in the FQP
W8WZ: Museum Ship Weekend on USS North Carolina
WA3AER: Museum Ship Weekend on NS Savannah
K9MA: Tower Project

Solid Copy No 116 – September 2019

Call for Nominations
New Privacy Policy
News & Notes
DK9PY: DXpedition to Martinique
W0TG: 10th Anniversary Celebration
WA5BDU: A Keyer Analyzer
K2SX: An “Easy” DXpedition

Solid Copy No 117 – October 2019

N1DG: Call for Nominations
W0TG: 10th Anniversary Celebration
AD5A: World Scout Jamboree on the Air
K5PI: Gearing up for the Marquesas
N6XI: Eclipse Chasing Plus Ham Radio
K6RB: Giving Back
W6SX: (Not So) Golden Silence

Solid Copy No 118 – November 2019

Election notice and dues reminder
W0TG: 10th Anniversary Celebration
N1LN: 2019 CW Open Results
W6KC: Traveling with Ham Radio in Europe
N7SU: The Novice Rig Roundup
VE6JF: Panadapter for the TS590SG
W0TG: The New CWops Awards Tool

Solid Copy No 119 – December 2019

W0TG: 10th Anniversary Celebration
Election results and dues reminder
N1LN: Updated 2019 CW Open Results
AA3B: Anniversary Celebration Logging and Scoring Resources
NA6O: The Traveling WoodBug
W0PHX: QRP Radio with the Scouts
MI0WWB: Operating Abroad
K6RB: Giving Back

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