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This is the Archive page  of the club’s  newsletter  “Solid Copy”  for the year 2018.  Click on the issue of the Month you wish to review and enjoy your reading !

The newsletter will cover the last month’s news and provide articles about CW-related topics. It may include photos, audio files, and other content.

Solid Copy No 107 – December 2018

News & Notes
Award for Advancing the Art of CW
North American CW Weekend
My Year On the Rock
Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?
N3JT in Sicily
What Is A Good CW Operator?
Contesters vs. Ragchewers

Solid Copy No 106 – November 2018

News & Notes
Amateur Radio by the Numbers
Enigma Reloaded 2018
World Cup Marathon
Calling Off Frequency
Autronics Key Refurbish
RSGB Convention 2018
Results 2018 CW Open

Solid Copy No 105 – October 2018

News & Notes
The Publishing of Contact Sport:  A Book About Ham Radio
In Memorium: VE5SDH

Solid Copy No 104 – September 2018

News & Notes
Enigma Reloaded
WRTC2018: AE6Y and N6XI
CWOpen: Points to Ponder

Solid Copy No 103 – August 2018

News & Notes
2018 CW Open
CWops Members Win Awards
W7GF HF6V Rebuild
Mobile CW Contesting
Mort: Dispatch from Lipsi
Antenna Repair at N3JT

Solid Copy No 102 – July 2018

News & Notes
GM0EUL Hexbeam
Friedrichshafen 2018
RSGB National Field Day
Morrty CW/RTTY Interface
Mort: Survival in Greek Islands
2018 CW Open
2018 North American CW Weekend
Dayton CW Pileup Competition

Solid Copy No 101 – June 2018

Cycle 24 Solar Minimum
WRTC 2018.
Another View of “Young” Hams
Hamvention 2018
US Vanity Callsign Update ….

Solid Copy No 100 – May 2018

100 Issues of Solid Copy
Sailing and Morse – Two Peas in a Pod
A Case for “Book Copy”
A Radio Named Desire
Mort: The Wheel Turns Full Circle
How Does Your CW Really Sound?

Solid Copy No 99 – April 2018

Antenna Party at AE6Y
The View From The Other End Of The Pileup
YCWA Graduates Its First Class
YCWA Portable Antenna Package
Kosovo and CWops
How It Is, or At Least Should Be

Solid Copy No 98 – March 2018

CW Academy Advisor Awards Program
WAEDC CW Plaque Sponsorship
Homebrew 160M Transceiver
Changes to the Email Reflector
Bouvet Island DXpedition
CWops Award for Advancing the Art
USA Vanity Calls Update
CWops Members Awards

Solid Copy No 97 – Fedbruary 2018

CWops Vanity Calls and Mini-Clubs
Notes from a First-Year Member
Operating Straight Key Night
Sending CW Over the Internet
Dayton Awards Dinner

Solid Copy  No 96 – January 2018

Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report
Guest Column: Saving the ARRL
Updated Results: CW Open
A Viable HOA/CC&R HF Antenna

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