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This  is the Archive page of  the club’s  newsletter  “Solid Copy”  for the year 2017.  Click on the issue of the Month you wish to review

The newsletter will cover the last month’s news and provide articles about CW-related topics. It may include photos, audio files, and other content.

Solid Copy No 95 – December 2017

News & Notes
How We Were – VE3GFN
Other News
Results: 2017 CW Open
Results: CW Academy Fall 2017
New Members

Solid Copy No 94 – November 2017

From the Editor
We Have Certificates
CW at Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air
Youth CW Academy Pilot Program
How We Were – K1ESE
CWops Members Awards
My Story: New member bio’s

Solid Copy No 93 – October 2017

2017 Youth DX Adventure
CWops Donates to Ham Aid
CWops Members Selected for WRTC2018
How We Were – W2RU
New Members
Operating Events

Solid Copy No 92 – September 2017

News & Notes
Book Review: 200 Meters and Down
Huntsville Hamfest
How We Were – KR2Q
CW Open Log Deadline
CWops Members Awards
My Story: New member bio’s

Solid Copy No 91 – August 2017

President’s Message
Ham Radio in Honduras
CW Open
Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
How We Were – K3GHH
QTX Report
Operating Events

Solid copy No 90 – July 2017

Feature story: Teaching at CW Academy
New Appointments Announced
Bool Review: “Compendium of Automatic Morse
A New Way To Submit Monthly Scores
CWops Members Awards
My Story: New member bio’s

Solid Copy No 89 – June 2017

2107 Hamvention News
Feature Story: Mystery Bug
Guest Column: H.R. 555
How We Were – W5LA
QTX Report
Operating Events

Solid Copy No 88 – May 2017

K6MM Retires as Webmaster
Coming in June: Mystery Bug
Visalia CW Breakfast
Results: 2016 CW Open
CWops Ambassadors Appointed
How We Were – W5LA

Solid Copy No 87 – April 2017

True Story
CWT Award 2016
How We Were – K3WJV
North American CW Weekend
CWops Members Awards
CWops and Friend Dayton Dinner

Solid Copy No 86 – March 2017

Feature Story: Paddles for Portables
True Story
My Story: New member bio’s
How We Were – K1HTV
New members to receive Radiogram

Solid Copy No 85 – February 2017

Slide Rule Paddle!
NCCC Sprint
Lawrenceville, GA Techfest
CWT and QTX Are Both Fun!
2017 North American CW Weekend
How We Were – K5KG

Solid copy No 84 – January 2017

Year-End Financials
Arduino CWT Simulator
My Story – James Dingwall G4ILW
Tidra Island, Mauritania
How We Were – W5LA

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