Solid Copy 2017

 Year 2017 issues 

The club newsletter – “Solid Copy”  – is now available for viewing.  Click on the issue of the Month you wish to review

The newsletter will cover the last month’s news and provide articles about CW-related topics. It may include photos, audio files, and other content.

Solid Copy No 95 – December 2017

News & Notes
How We Were – VE3GFN
Other News
Results: 2017 CW Open
Results: CW Academy Fall 2017
New Members

Solid Copy No 94 – November 2017

From the Editor
We Have Certificates
CW at Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air
Youth CW Academy Pilot Program
How We Were – K1ESE
CWops Members Awards
My Story: New member bio’s

Solid Copy No 93 – October 2017

2017 Youth DX Adventure
CWops Donates to Ham Aid
CWops Members Selected for WRTC2018
How We Were – W2RU
New Members
Operating Events

Solid Copy No 92 – September 2017

News & Notes
Book Review: 200 Meters and Down
Huntsville Hamfest
How We Were – KR2Q
CW Open Log Deadline
CWops Members Awards
My Story: New member bio’s

Solid Copy No 91 – August 2017

President’s Message
Ham Radio in Honduras
CW Open
Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
How We Were – K3GHH
QTX Report
Operating Events

Solid copy No 90 – July 2017

Feature story: Teaching at CW Academy
New Appointments Announced
Bool Review: “Compendium of Automatic Morse
A New Way To Submit Monthly Scores
CWops Members Awards
My Story: New member bio’s

Solid Copy No 89 – June 2017

2107 Hamvention News
Feature Story: Mystery Bug
Guest Column: H.R. 555
How We Were – W5LA
QTX Report
Operating Events

Solid Copy No 88 – May 2017

K6MM Retires as Webmaster
Coming in June: Mystery Bug
Visalia CW Breakfast
Results: 2016 CW Open
CWops Ambassadors Appointed
How We Were – W5LA

Solid Copy No 87 – April 2017

True Story
CWT Award 2016
How We Were – K3WJV
North American CW Weekend
CWops Members Awards
CWops and Friend Dayton Dinner

Solid Copy No 86 – March 2017

Feature Story: Paddles for Portables
True Story
My Story: New member bio’s
How We Were – K1HTV
New members to receive Radiogram

Solid Copy No 85 – February 2017

Slide Rule Paddle!
NCCC Sprint
Lawrenceville, GA Techfest
CWT and QTX Are Both Fun!
2017 North American CW Weekend
How We Were – K5KG

Solid copy No 84 – January 2017

Year-End Financials
Arduino CWT Simulator
My Story – James Dingwall G4ILW
Tidra Island, Mauritania
How We Were – W5LA

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