Tim Chapman, G0OOD

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First, I would like to thank G4PFZ John for nominating me to join CW ops and sponsors (G3LID Roger, G4CCX Chris, G4DYC Mike, 2E0OBO Bob ).

My first license G7HCM was gained in 1991 followed by G0OOD three months later due to the persistence of Mike G0KBY (SK) teaching me the code. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Mike after thirty years on and still enjoying CW.

My working career started in the Merchant Navy as a steward traveling the world for four Years. Then I joined the Post Office known now as British Telecom and trained as a Telecommunications Engineer. After thirty three years with the company I retired at the age of fifty eight.

Amateur radio has been a big part in my retirement being involved with many special event stations and local club activities other hobbies are walking, caravanning ,travel and reading.

I am very new to contesting so I look forward to meeting members of CW ops so I can improve my contesting skills. What a challenge after all these years.

My picture is when I visit (UAE) where my daughter lives and traveled to the EARS Club to collect my A6/G0OOD license for the duration of my stay. What a warm welcome they give you, guess that is what amateur radio is all about.

And now joining CWops is another platform to spread the word about this truly unique mode (CW).

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