Mike McGuire, K9ACM

CWops # 2915, from Mokena , IL , USA.

I am proud to say I am CWops member #2915. First and foremost, I want to thank Serge KK7RR for nominating me for membership to CWops, as well as I would like to thank those who sponsored me. Thank you for the honor and the opportunity. Also, thank you to my CWA Advisors–again Serge KK7RR, Mark K5GQ, and Eric NM5M. A special thanks to Eric who put up with me for both the basic and beginner classes and kept me going during times when I could have easily quit. I’ve learned so much from all of you and every CW operator I’ve had the chance to meet thus far.

I haven’t been a ham for long, but I think the seed of interest was planted many years ago in my childhood. I remember my father N9BKT (SK) down in his basement shack pounding out CW, which he used exclusively. My childhood self didn’t take much interest at the time (but I wish I had and had asked more questions). Unfortunately, my dad passed before we could ever really share the hobby. My interest emerged years later. Funny how things work.

I earned my ticket in August 2016, but didn’t get on the air until about February 2017. Then, in June 2017, I upgraded to General. I pushed forward and eventually upgraded to Amateur Extra in March 2019.

I was born and raised in Chicagoland where I currently live with my XYL Christine KD9KGG, my son Aidan KD9LGI (who is a third generation ham), and my 60 pound Australian cattle dog Briggs. My wife and I are both community college teachers. I teach English and she teaches anthropology. Life is good. We enjoy traveling when we can and spend a lot of time in the UP (upper peninsula) of Michigan where we have a cabin in the woods–truly off the grid, quiet, and remote. It’s a great place to throw a wire in a tree and hear the signals booming in.

My radio interests are broad and ever growing. I’ve yet to settle on a single niche (other than CW, of course). This is truly a hobby of hobbies and I love all of it. I’m active on local 2 meter, 70 centimeter, and 1.25 meter repeaters and serve as net control operator for several nets. I enjoy the occasional rag chew and am a casual contester. I also enjoy working as a Volunteer Examiner and an instructor for licensing classes through one of my local clubs. I’m a member of my local ARES group, as well.

My latest thrill, however, is Parks on the Air, as it combines two things I love–radio and the great outdoors. If I’m not playing radio, you might find me camping, hiking, or trail running.

I hope to hear you all on the air, and thank you again for inviting me to this great club. CW forever!