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First of all, I would like to thank MI0WWB for bringing CWops to my attention. Also, thanks to K0AD, I5EFO, MI0WWB and SM5IMO for my nomination and sponsoring me.

It was at Technical College around 1977 that I became “radio infected” but became licensed in 1993 because of career and family matters.

Due to my profession as Navigator, in both Navy and Merchant Marine, I have sailed almost worldwide. I became very active on 6 m to activate “wet grids” as /mm, preferable in CW.

I have travelled several times to the USA and have met many people there, ham and non-ham. I started to spend my holidays in the US too. For convenience sake I wanted to apply for a US call but had to do all the exams again. So, I became KK4LUC as Technician and passed General and Extra, applied for a vanity call and got K4HEN. However, recently my US domicile has been changed to WI. So it should be K9HEN now, hi hi.

In 2004 I went ashore and started work at the tech department of a shipping company, being busy all day long with radios and communication. Didn’t like to spend my time at home with the same and lost my interest in the hobby. Due to some changes in my situation I re-started as ham but noticed that my CW skill were really poor.

During a QSO (abt. 15 wpm) CWops was mentioned. Last Jan/Feb I passed the Intermediate training and my skills became much better. I’m still building CW confidence but heading on the correct course.

Unfortunately, so far in 2020, I had to cancel 2 trips to WI but hope to meet you “on air.”

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