Joe Tabrah , KH6FHI

I was raised in Hawaii and graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1971 with a degree in Tropical Agriculture.

I got my Novice license in 1971 and operated for about a year and a half. I then began farming, got married, had five kids, and had no time for radio.

After a 45-year career as a shrimp and fish farmer in Ecuador, Honduras, and Hawaii, I retired in 2017 and then with the free time was able to get my General, followed shortly after by my Extra licenses.

I felt like a sham holding an Extra license and only being able to copy about 8 WPM. I signed up with CW Academy a little over a year ago, and thanks to great mentoring from 3 different instructors, passed the Advanced course at the end of February 2020.

I am still building CW confidence but thoroughly enjoy leisurely contesting and rag chewing from my QTH in Honolulu, Hawaii. Aloha!