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I was born in Ankara in 1980. I have been living in Istanbul, on the European Side since 2010. I am married and have a son born in 2019. I studied economics and I have been working in the health sector since 2004. After working at Johnson & Johnson, I continue at Bausch Health Company.

I met with amateur radio as part of my scouting studies when I was 12 years old. During the years I attended Jamboree On The Air, neither the internet nor mobile phones were common. I loved amateur radio, but I had to be 18 years old. During this time, I had talks with the CB.

In 1998, I applied to become an amateur radio operator. The exam included sending and receiving walruses. I passed the Morse exam under minimum conditions and never did CW work again.

In my country, people who practice walrus are very rare and those operators are respected. Of course, without using any decoder or application tool. I’ve completed DXCC over time, I enjoyed the SSB and digital modes very much. However, it was always my dream to do QSO with CW.

The Covid-19 Pandemic came to my country in March 2020 and our work from home started. There was an opportunity for me to do things that were postponed to the following years. I decided to learn Morse again. Every day I started a day to work with videos, CW Player. At the TRAC Kadıkoy association, of which I am a member, he opened CW lessons three evenings a week over VHF Repeater and I joined him.

After three months of preparation, I made my first QSO with 15 wpm on June 1, 2020. In about 6 months I managed to increase my speed to 27 wpm, get it right and write it. As of today, I have 750 CW QSO. I am uploading the QSOs to LOTW and have reached 66 DXCC for today.

I can QSO between 80-6 meters, I use Yaesu 991A and Icom IC-7410 with MA5B antenna. My output is 100 W. Still 1250 characters with 30 WPM every day; I practice reading letters, numbers and punctuation marks. I have a daily goal of 10 CW QSOs. I am the second CWops operator in my country. I want to try to radiate of Morse. I would like to thank TA7I for suggesting me, sponsors and officials who follow up on membership.

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