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I want to say thanks to my dear friends Michele IZ2FME, Claudio IK0XCB and Luigi IZ4KBW who sponsored me for joining to this prestigious club and, in particular, to my friend Sal IK7UKF who have had the beautiful idea to introduce me.

Honestly, I have visited many times the pages of CWops, especially those related to the Academy. So, I’m glad to have the great possibility to continue in that as an active partner.

I practice rag chewing mainly in Italian and a few times in English, so this will be also an incentive to practice it in this direction.

I was born in 1961 and I live in Bagnara Calabra (RC). I was 14 when I started to learn telegraphy with my father Ugo, I8SOU, now SK. Since then, I have always practiced it and I have tried to improve it in terms of precision and speed.

I’ve been a radio amateur since 1975 and I got my license in 1981. Since then, I practiced exclusively the telegraphy but, for many years, I have also practiced RTTY and the first digital modes. I have pursued the DX and the achievement of awards (DXCC – WPX etc.). I also like to be active in portable radio with my FT-817 and KX-2. In recent years, I have had the pleasure of being part of teams such as IQ2LS – Contest Team Lissone (MB) and II2S – Contest Team Patuzza (BS). I’m a member of the Italian Association Radioamatori (ARI) and Italian CW Clubs, such as Italian Telegraphy Club, Marconi Club ARI Loano, then FISTS, SKCC, HSC, VHSC. Now my interest is oriented to rag chewing that I’m practicing with my friends, using Italian language and sometimes even in English. This will be an opportunity to improve my English and expand my friendships.

Since some years, I have decided to dedicate myself to high speed. I am currently working to obtain the SHSC and EHSC awards. I would like to point out that I always support and invite those who transmit in QRS not to hesitate to answer my call, because I will be happy to adapt my speed to theirs. I do not forget when I had the same need and I found colleagues who always knew how to help me, in perfect ham spirit.

My favorite keys, the ones I use most, are: XXX

Straight Key: Marconi 213 by Alberto Frattini I1QOD.

Paddle: Dual Paddle Iambic Chrome Traditional by Alberto Frattini I1QOD

Single Lever Paddle: Chrome Deluxe Magnetic by Alberto Frattini I1QOD

Bug: Vibroplex “Champion”, “Lionel J36” and “Hi-Mound BK-100”

Keyer: Superkeyer III – Winkeyer USB

In conclusion, I like to make myself available, as much as I can, to all those who want to discuss about the learning and deepening of telegraphy. The aim is to make our art known as much as possible and also to train operators who can spread the practice too. For this reason, I am very happy to be part of CWops and I hope to be able to cooperate with my job.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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