Syl Labre , VA3SY

My name is Sylvain Labre (Syl) VA3SY. My QTH is Alfred, Ontario, Canada. 40 miles east of Ottawa.

My hobby of radio started in 1973 when I was 13 years old on the 27 MHZ. I passed my ham radio license in 1991 Base, Electronic Superior and 12 wpm Morse code in 1992.

I had my first call sign in 1991 and it was VE3TDG and I have VA3SY since March 2000.

I like phone but my specialty is Morse code. I had listen to lot of station and practice a lot. My QSO are 99% in CW. I have done a lot of contest since 1994. I have a lot of award like CQ WW, ARRL DX, RAC Canada Day, RAC Winter, WPX, CQ 160 Meter, VHF, Ontario QSO Party etc.

I have my HF & VHS Station, QRZ Info. I also have a Beacon Station on 6 m on 50.056 on CW.

As of today I have 10,269 QSOs with VA3SY and 11,316 with VE3TDG.

I am a member of RAC and VA3PRA Prescott Russell Amateur Radio Club.

On Nov. 27, 2019 I had a contact with one of the members of CWops, Andre EA2AJB #1048… He talked to me about the club and gave me the information. Thanks Andre.

I would like to thank my sponsor FG8NY –Jean, AA3B Bud and VE3KI Richard.

Hope to contact you on the radio.