Rodolfo Zennaro, IZ3ASA

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I am Rodolfo (Rudy) Zennaro and my callsign is IZ3ASA, obtained in 1997. I live in Mestre a few kilometers from Venice, I am married to Lorena, we have three children and we have also become grandparents!

I have always had a passion for radio and in 1996 thanks to a radio amateur neighbor who showed me his radio station, I was enthusiastic and decided to register at the local branch of the ARI (Associazione Radioamatoiri Italiani), where Corrado (Ricky) IK3YBX taught the theory for exam preparation and obtaining the amateur radio license. In the meantime I was training with keys, oscillophone and various software to learn CW.

Since the beginning I have operated exclusively in CW, the microphones of my radios are in their boxes, as new as they have just come out of the factory!

I started by trying to connect as many countries as possible and also participating in various international contests (like the WPX …).

I really like telegraph keys, of any kind, straight, paddles, bugs.

In recent years I have also dedicated myself to QRP and in any case I like to connect radio amateurs near and far for the simple pleasure of making a CW QSO.

Now that I’m retired (my career as a state police officer), my time on the radio is definitely more.

In this last year I participated in the CWT mini contests and after several months of attendance, I was invited to join CWops (thanks to the invitation of IK3YBX and the sponsors IN3FHE, PA0INA, EA1X, IT9VDQ and KR2Q) and with great pleasure I was welcomed as a new member!

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