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Radio became a passion early in my life when as a young boy I spent hours reading about ham radio and electronics in youth-oriented books such as the Rick Brant Science Adventure Series by John Blaine and the Hardy Boys. This led to building crystal sets and my first real radio and kit building experience, an Allied Electronics Night Kit Star Roamer shortwave receiver.

Fortuitously, a friendship developed with a high school buddy who is still active today. We took a night school ham radio class taught by Tom VE3HM (SK). We both got our licenses in early 1968 at the age of 15. Tom was a great teacher and a superb CW operator who set us both in the right direction. After getting a license, Howard VE3WT (SK), a DXCC Honour Role member, became my primary mentor. Howard helped me build and erect a full size 3 element 20m Yagi mounted on the roof our family home. I also built a 20m linear amplifier and power supply that used a pair of 4-400 tubes. Imagine a teenager playing around with a homemade 3000 volt DC power supply that used mercury vapour rectifiers. DXing became a passion early in my ham radio days and continues to this day.

Fast forward 50 years…..

My wife Susan and I have two adult children, three grandchildren and another one on the way. Susan is a passionate tennis player and enjoys travelling. She organizes great travel adventures for us to a variety of destinations. I’ve enjoyed bringing a radio along and operating from some DX locations.

I am a semi-retired Professional Engineer (Electrical) working as an independent consultant. We live on a small suburban lot near Lake Ontario, in St. Catharines, Ontario, which is in the Niagara Peninsula.

In the last few years, I have been mostly on the low bands on CW chasing DX on 80 and 160M. I also enjoy contesting. I operate at John, VE3EJ’s super station during his multi-op efforts during the CQWW contests and participate in various contests from my home QTH whenever I can. I am a life member of both ARRL and RAC. I volunteer as the treasurer for Contest Club Ontario and am a member of our local club, the Niagara Peninsula ARC.

Software Defined Radios are a great interest of mine and I have a collection of various SDR’s in the basement. I enjoy the fellowship associated with the OpenHPSDR group.

Outside of amateur radio, sports activities consume much of my spare time, playing hockey and squash a few times a week. Cycling, tennis, skiing and hiking are also some of my other passions.

I was introduced to the CWT mini-tests by Rich VE3KI. After participating in a few CWT’s, I had the incentive to join CWops. I am looking forward to participating in your fine organization.

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