Steve Walters , K3SW

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I got my license in May 1959 so I’ll celebrate 60 years as a ham in 2019! I was originally licensed as KN4IKM (Novice) but I became K4IKM as a Conditional and later as an Extra class. In 2015 I discovered that K3SW (Kilo Three Steve Walters) was available and managed to get it through the Vanity Program.

I’ve operated from lots of US locations but also from Japan, Australia, ITU Geneva, Bonaire and Bermuda. I’ve always loved CW and am reasonably proficient. Since retiring and relocating to Northeast PA, I’ve been very involved in contesting and recently became interested in the CWTs because I am trying to “move up” to SO2R and it’s a great event for practicing. I also enjoy QRP CW when doing astronomical imaging from Cherry Springs, PA. I’m a member of the Frankford Radio Club and CW Ops #1964.

My station is an ICOM 7851 plus SPE 2K-FA amplifier, a 55’ tower with Force 12 tri-bander and 40M 2-el beams, an 80M wire delta loop and an 80M/40M vertical with top loading for 160M and 80 radials. I recently added an ICOM 7300 for my SO2R attempt but it’s just now getting operational. Most of my CW is generated by N1MM on the shack’s computer but I have a Begali “Graciella” and Bencher paddles plus an old Vibroplex bug and a few straight keys. I also have an antique Western Union “Morse Repeater” and a Morse Sounder. My fist is lousy these days thanks to the PC, not enough practice!

I hold a BEE from Auburn University plus MSEE and PhD in EE from Virginia Tech. I worked at Bell Labs and Telcordia in telecom research and am a Fellow of the IEEE. I enjoy using my technical knowledge to build gadgets for my radio station, most recently a Beverage antenna controller and a “Smart” SO2R audio assistant.

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