Phil Bartash , W2OZB

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I live in Houston Texas with my wife. I have a son and three grandchildren in Anaheim,CA.

I have been around radios most of my life. I had a quick “peek” into HAM radios with a “shack tour” while visiting an uncle on vacation at the ripe age of 14. I was learning to fly at 17 and was introduced to aviation radios, VHF AM. Flying helicopters in the army 1970-1976, I was exposed to other radios, UHF and some FM radios for working ground operations. After leaving the service, I obtained my MBA but returned to flying finally retiring with United Airlines. Flying mostly international routes, I was exposed to daily HF work.

I became a HAM in 2017 and after getting my general, I obtained my uncle’s (SK) call sign. I am 100% CW. My journey has been interesting and exciting. I’m just scratching the surface of the needed knowledge I will need. At present I have replaced “old reliable” IC746 with a Flex 6500 which is hooked into a Begali HST single lever paddle on one end and two dipoles (G5RV and an 80M40M) in inverted V up 30’.

We will be soon moving to our renovated home (no HOA). My antenna plans are just formulating and am doing a lot of reading on the subject.

With the great friends I have made, the fabulous cadre of CW Ops and CW Academy, the sky is the limit!

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