Kevin Utzy , KX4KU

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I want to express my appreciation to CWops for allowing me to become a member. The only way I could imagine my CW to be good enough is because of CWA and my Advisors Ron, VE3FXX, and Jerry AC4BT, and the entire program of study.

I got my original novice license, KA4RNH, in 1980 at the persistence of my Grandfather, my Mother’s father. I was the only boy in his life and he wanted so much to pass the hobby and love of radio to me. He had me build my first crystal radio when I was eight years old. In 1980 I also turned 18 and started college. As you can imagine amateur radio was not a priority. However, I always kept abreast with it and what was going on. I then upgrade to Technician, which became Tech+, and always had a 2M radio with me. Then as my children got older I slowly got back into the hobby and got my General, which is when my interest took off. I always have been more interested in HF. In 2016 I decided to get my Extra class and really got involved. My activities use to always lean towards digital modes, just because I don’t think I speak very well.

My interest in CW had a few sides to it. First was the thought of my Grandfather knowing I got my Extra without knowing the code; he would be mortified! Second, as I said, I always have liked digital modes. Well, CW is the original digital mode, so it fit the bill too. Lastly, because of my limited means, everything I have is a compromise, be it radios, antennas, living arrangements. So, CW is the mode to get me around those compromises and still enjoy the hobby without feeling like I am compromised.

I am a member of two radio clubs in my area. I am the Secretary for one and maintain the website for the other. I do enjoy doing activities with my clubs, being it public service, field day, VAQP and other club functions. In the future, after I get more experience, I would love to give back to the CWops community by teaching more ham’s CW through the CWA.

Thanks again and I look forward to working everyone in the future.

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