Kelly Ziadie, K3UQ

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I am excited to be a part of the CWops organization. I am a relatively new ham, only licensed for 3 years, but even before I was licensed I was drawn to CW. The historical, classical simplicity of the mode just appeals to my nature.

After spending some time playing with SSB and digital modes, a little more than a year ago, I decided it was time to scratch that CW itch. I am a product of the CW Academy. After learning my ABCs on, I took the basic, intermediate and advanced classes and would like to thank my advisors Bill, AG4EA; Ron, VE3FXX and Joe, KK5NA for all the pearls of wisdom they imparted above and beyond the standard curriculum. I would also like to thank Joe (again) for nominating me for membership and Bill (again), VE2FK, K4RUM, AA3B, W6SX, VA2AGW, N3VO and K5UV for their kind sponsorship. CW has not disappointed, it has exceeded my expectations and is by far my favorite mode. I look forward to meeting many of you on the air.

I enjoy portable operations and am an avid POTA activator (mostly CW of course!). I also chase DX to the extent my modest station allows and have an interest in getting involved with message handling and NTS, that is next on my list.

Otherwise, I live in Maryland (near Washington DC) and run government IT contracts for my company for the Department of Justice. Back when I was a human being, I was an engineer, but these days I pretty much just push paper and yell at people. I am originally from Jamaica but have lived in Maryland for over 20 years. When not operating, I enjoy hunting, shooting, hiking and horology (I am an amateur watch maker).

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