Josep Torres, EA6BF

CWops# 3072, from Ibiza , Balearic Islands , Spain.---->View on Google maps

I am from Ibiza Island in the Balearic Islands.

I was introduced to radio starting with CB for a couple of years, making mainly DX contacts. Soon after I get my first ham radio license as a Novice in 1991, EC6QZ, and a year after my general class. My callsign was EA6ACC, but doing some contest at that time, I thought a shorter callsign would be better, so I applied for EA6BF in 2003 and get it, so since then I am the owner for this callsign.

Interested always in CW, (in fact, my radios don’t have a microphone attached!), I have done contests, ragchewing and specially DX. Regarding DX, I was very active on Topband, were I have achieved a total of #239 countries right now.

Have been a proud member of FOC for 15 years, from 1999 to 2016, then I stayed several years off of the radio due to personal issues, and last year 2020 I started again with a lot of strength.! Happy to have joined CWops Club and also have been nominated for FOC again, so I guess to be in the FOC by December.

Made good friends over the years, so CW a is a real family I am happy to be part of!

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