Jim Larson , AA4NP

CWops# 1954, from Merritt Island , FL , USA.---->View on Google maps

I was licensed in 1975 as WA3YVI. I upgraded to Extra in 1985 and got the call AA4NP. I operate HF from the base and mobile. Working DX from the mobile on 40M is especially fun for me.

My rig is a TS-50 that does double duty as the mobile and base. I just run 100 watts which makes the challenge and fun greater!

The mobile antenna is the Hustler RM series antenna with 80,40, 20, 17, 15 , 12 and 10 meter resonators. I have worked mobile to mobile DX to Europe. I am still looking for a mobile to mobile contact to VK or ZL.

My base antenna is an inverted L made from 26 gauge wire to keep it invisible to the neighbors (I live in a deed restricted community) at about 12 m. It is end-fed and I use a tuner to operate 160M – 10M.

I received my BSEE in 1984 and MSEE in 1993. I work as an electrical engineer working on troposcatter radio systems.

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