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Before I start, I would like to thank CWops for having me and to those who sponsored and supported me for membership. I only hope I can return the favor one day.

It’s an honor to be new CWops member #2165! I really thrilled to be part of CWops.

My name is Diego and I am an engineer. I am 47 years old and I live in a city located in the North of Italy. I work as electrical engineer in a Power Plant. I’m married and I’ve a son Gianluca, 8 yo.

I got my ham radio license in 1997.

I have a modest home station consisting of an Elecraft K3 and P3 Panadapter.

I didn’t own a microphone HI! I operate only in CW mode. All my antenna are home brew. I have two EFHWA, one for 30m and one for 80m and 40m. I publish all my project on my site: https://iw2mxe.jimdo.com/

I operate for a long time with FT-817 QRP station and now I have an Elecraft KX3 for portable QRP operations. My last antenna project was vertical Antenna named “Barsine”.

In 2010 I start to study CW by myself and home brew my fist key (was a single lever key).

In 2013 I passed the examinations for the U.S. Amateur radio Operator (Extra Class) license. It ‘was an absolute pleasure to spend in a single session is the Technician, General and Extra class. My American call is AG6WJ.

I’m member #628 of INORC (Italian Naval Old Rhythmers Club)

I’m member #819 of I-QRP CLUB.

I’m member #244 of VCA (Vibroplex Collector’s Association)

I’m member #16672 of FISTS CW Club (The International Morse Preservation Society)

I’m member #18441 of SKCC (Straight Key Century Club)

I love BUG manipulation and my preferred key is McElroy P-500.

My Straight Key (Vertical): Begali Spark (serial #0223), Junker Vertical (1976), Marconi 213 (serial #67) By Alberto Frattini (I1QOD)

My Automatic keys: Begali HST Mark II (serial #0274), Begali Magnetic Traveler (serial # L318), Scheunemann Dirigent

My BUG keys: VIBROPLEX Champion 1954 (serial #185176) e Alberto Frattini J-36 (serial #39) e VIBROPLEX 100th (serial #111297) e McElroy P-500 year 1941

I am looking forward to seeing you on the bands!

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