Albinas “Al” Staraitis, LY2MM

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First of all, I thank Mark WC3W, who encouraged me to seek membership in CWops. Also thanks to KR2Q, W9TD and F5SGI, who supported my aspirations, all of them I remember from QSOs in the wide variety of CW contests.

My ham radio adventure started in the end of 1965, when I came to school club station. There were lot of boys and girls, that time we worked only in AM mode. Later we started learning code, our group became smaller. No one was to teach us, so I became the teacher. After studies we all started making QSOs, began to participate in contests.

In 1968 I began studying radio engineering in Kaunas Technical University, where I became operator of well-known in that times club station UP2KNP/UK2PAF. These years were decisive in forming me as CW contest operator. In 1970 I got my own license and call UP2PAQ.

During my studies I got married, later 2 sons were born. But it did not stop me being active from my home station as well as from various clubs and achieving some very good results in various contests.

Before Lithuania regained its independence in 1990, I changed my call sign to LY2PAQ, since 1998 I changed it to LY2MM and have no other plans to make more changes. Since then I had over 300k QSOs and 330 DXCC countries confirmed via LOTW. Living in apartments I have not very much space for my modest antennas, but actively participate in contests till now.

I occasionally work digital modes, but CW is my love forever. Working simple QSOs, ragchewing for me is a real joy and relax from life troubles. Life goes on, my hands still doing well, so, see you on the bands.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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