Gary Clifford, VE3DZP

CWops# 3531, from Saint Catharines , ON , Canada.---->View on Google maps

Who is #3531 ? Well that be me. I would first like thank WB2KAO, VE3EJ and VE3MM for thinking I am capable of joining the ranks of the CWops.

This April had my 77th birthday and of those years have been an active amateur for 58 years . Over my working career I spent three years in the electronic repair shop at the Stelco Steel Mill in Hamilton, Ontario. I was force to move on as calculus was part of the apprenticeship and we did not get along. From there took on being a elevator mechanic apprentice. Yes it had its ups and downs but the money was good and I loved it. In 1979 I was offered a maintenance position in good old Niagara Falls where for 24 years I took care of all the elevators for OTIS that went up (towers), went down (thru the rock) and across the river (Spanish Aero Car).

Retried now for 20 years, I have my dream station all Flex. I am active every day on the air, taking time off to photograph the ships that run the Welland Canal, I have over 2000 photos on I also have my garage converted to a small shop where I am able to weld aluminum and stainless steel, so antenna construction is on my list.

I have a great sense of humour which gets me in trouble a lot. I blame Photoshop, but also design QSL cards and just added a laser engraver to my list of toys.

I prefer to use a single lever key for my CW but as member of the SKCC group I have made many novelty straight keys. My last batch of four keys were made from railway spikes. I have a video on my QRZ of Fred Flintstone’s, key check it out for a smile.

Everyone stay well and look for you on the bands.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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