Dan Zabcik, WB5YUZ

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I would like to begin by thanking my sponsors, 4X6GP (Vic), AA3B (Bud), and K7MOA (Key). I am especially grateful to AH7RF (Heather), who nominated me.

I was born in Hobbs, New Mexico, on July 15, 1960. When I was about eight my dad borrowed a Heathkit AR-3 (which I still have) from his brother so that he could monitor ‘phone broadcasts of marine weather products on the 2 MHz Marine band. I soon discovered the joys of shortwave radio; but at that age I was just interested in listening to foreign broadcasts.

When I was about fourteen I began to wonder about the “Donald Duck” voice transmissions I would often hear on the 41m band while listening to Moscow and Prague. I began to experiment with the rig’s BFO (which I had never used in the intervening six years) and soon learned to zero-beat SSB signals.

Another ham was born.

Today I am retired, my last workplace having been the Distance Education department of the University of Texas (of which I am also a graduate), editing courses – academics are not always the most careful writers!

I live outside Thordale, Texas. My current antenna plant consists of two sets of fan dipoles for 20-15-10 m, with the feedpoints at 32 ft., strung at right angles to each other for greater coverage; a 40 m vertical loop that favors EU/VK; and an 80 m inverted “L” which I also use on 30 m, 17, and 12 m. Right now I am running 100 watts, but hope to have a linear sometime soon.

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