Jim Kerezsi, W3ASW

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I was first licensed in 1972 as WN8MRU and upgraded to Extra back in the days when you had to be in person at an FCC field office. Glad I knew all about phase angles, those were the days. With my new call and privileges, WB8MRU was on the bands looking for DX and rag chewing on CW now using full power.

Living in Dayton, Ohio was a ham’s dream with the Hamvention in my backyard. I’ve attended this event since being licensed only missing a few. My wife’s father W8IMZ (SK) and I spent many weekends doing the CQ WPX contests for which he was the contest director. I sponsor a memorial plaque in his name each year.

Moving to Delaware in 1995 I selected a more CW friendly call, W3ASW. My interests have mainly been CW on HF, CW traffic nets, DX, antennas and portable operations (POTA). Since retiring I have been active in my local club teaching weekly classes on Morse code.

My current station consists of a legacy Drake C line, an Icom 751A and a Yaesu FTDX-10 along with a very high G5RV and ground mounted Butternut. I prefer the 160, 80 and 40 meter bands and spend many nights looking for DX to work. Contest-wise I find that living in Delaware has its advantages, especially during Sweepstakes and the location on the east coast favors QSO’s to Europe. Last year I acquired the 40 wpm certification from the ARRL.

Retired in 2023 from Siemens as an electrical engineer, my XYL Lenora and I have been married 38 years. We have a two sons, one which has decided to continue the ham tradition and became licensed last year at age 31 living in Montana and is very interested in CW.

Thanks to K3JT, N3JT, WT9U, KR2Q, K5UV, K1VUT & VE6RST for nominating me to join the CWops club.

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