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I am excited to be a member of this group and look forward to participating in the activities that are offered. A big Thank You to the folks who nominated me for membership. It is greatly appreciated.

I’ve been active, on again, off again, since the very early 80’s and 99.99% of all of my contacts have been CW. I’ve actively worked CW over the years from Mississippi and Guam while serving in the US Air Force, and now Ohio. I retired from the Air Force after a 22 year career. I spent 15 years in aircraft electronic and avionic maintenance. My last seven years I served as a First Sergeant in two large Fighter Squadrons, a Communications Squadron and a Mobile Ground Radar Squadron. It was a great way to serve. I am currently working as a contractor as an electronic technician in a USAF laboratory. I call it my retirement job.

My QTH rig is an Icom IC-7300 and my antenna is an end fed long wire about 25 feet off the ground. My antenna is nothing special but it works well when the RF gods are pleased. My Parks on the Air and back yard rig is a KX3. I made a portable 33 foot vertical antenna with a MFJ-1910 fiberglass mast. It works great on all bands with the excellent tuner built into the KX3.

I am a casual operator who enjoys a good rag chew so I will be submitting MQTX and QTX QSOs. (I just realized ham radio is 2nd only to the military for loving acronyms and abbreviations). If you hear me calling CQ please stop for a chat.

Again, I am excited to be a member of this group and I look forward to chatting with you all.

Have fun.


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