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I have been fascinated with radios since I was a little kid. I would go to bed with earphones on and listen to short wave radio programs from around the world. Sometimes I would tune in a ham radio band and listen to Morse code with an encyclopedia open to the chart of the alphabet in code. However, I didn’t get my license until 1999 when I was 48 years old. I passed the Tech Plus exam which included code. My call was KB9UKE. I worked hard to get my extra license before the code requirement was dropped. Field Day got me interested in CW contesting so I changed my call to WT9Q in 2014 thinking it would be easier for people to copy.

I live about 50 miles north of Milwaukee, WI on a 3-acre lot. I have a vertical for 80/40; a 42-foot tower with a Mosely tri-bander and a small collection of dipoles hanging from that same tower. Recently I purchased a Flex 6600 and the Maestro so that I could still do contesting when I am away from home. It works well.

I’m a member of the Society of Midwest Contesters, the Driftless Zone Contesters, the Ozaukee Radio Club and, the Washington County Amateur Radio Club and ARES group.

I’ve only been a member for CWops for a few weeks and I’m already having fun. Thanks to Anthony AB9YC for encouraging and nominating me and to my sponsors.

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