Vagn Jensen, OZ1OXQ

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T U for membership of Cwops. I am grateful.

My thanks to Stuart GD0OUD, Antoine 3D2AG, Barry VK2BJ and Moz VK3CWB. I know those CW hams from many good CW QSOs from 80 to 15 metres.

I was licensed in Autumn 1963, 16 years of age. Years ago u needed a tecknical and a CW test to be licensed, the CW test speed was 15 wpm. I asked for and I got OZ4OO.

Few years later I was educated as radio officer, I got the first class civilian certificate.. It was in the Royal Danish Navy. I was radio officer on Naval Radio Thorshavn (OVL) in the Faroes, I have been radio officer on board a Seaward Defense Craft in the Baltic, later on the West coast of Greenland. My last years as radio officer was on a WX station. Danmarkshavn(OXQ) in North East Greenland, 7646N 1846W.

On the Faroes I was OY4OO, from North East Greenland I was OX3OO.

I was not QRV from August 1986 to November 2009. When QRV again I changed my callsign to OZ1OXQ, OXQ was the callsign for the WX station. In North East Greenland.

From November 2009 to September 2017 I used the more than 35 years old Drake TR7, external Drake VFO VR7 and Drake match box. Power was and still is 100 watt out. My antenna was and still is inverted W3DZZ. From September 2017 I use Elecraft K3 and Elecraft Pan Adapter P3. I use Vibroplex or a vintage hand key made in 1901, look on the pictures. XXX

I look forward to have many good CW QSOs with other members of CWops, as well as many others.

For me CW is made by a key and received by ears.

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