John Farrish, NM4N

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I am from WV originally and in 1963 Buzz Collins, K8CFT, now a SK, gave me the Novice test. Buzz loaned me a crystal homebrew transmitter and a military surplus 40 meter receiver and I was on the air.

I joined the US Army in 1963 and was inactive for a few years. A while after being discharged I again tested and received the call WD4BMY in Louisville, KY. Later I passed the Advanced license, KC4TQ and on May 15, 1981 I passed the Extra 20 wpm code test and theory and received the new call NM4N. Back then CW was my favorite mode. Work was keeping me busy and my main hamming was 2 meter FM.

My wife Lois, KE4WMM, passed the Technician license in Orange Park, FL. My daughter Lisa, KF4TYJ and her husband Ken, KF4TYK are hams as well. I’m thinking my daughter Katy may one day get a license and my 2 grandkids, Mac and Maggie as well.

My CW speed drastically dropped to around 12 or 13 WPM. I didn’t forget the code, just was too s l o w !

We now live in Franklin, TN, I’m active in the WCARES group, participating in weekly nets, voice and WINLINK. I also belong to A.R.T.S. club in Louisville, KY with many friends there. I have ICOM and Yaesu equipment, the latest addition being an IC 705, My antenna is an OCF dipole located in the attic due to our HOA.

I heard of the CW Academy a while back and decided to give it a try. I was amazed at one of the first things I heard, head copy. Our advisor, Mike, N5KB, said we would improve if we did 3 things, practice, practice, practice. Our commitment was an hour a day 6 days a week and meeting twice a week on Zoom. I started with a small amount of on the air CW time but a lot of Morse Runner and RufzXP also listened to 100 most common words. I often practiced 2 hours a day plus. Many thanks to Mike N5KB and sponsors, Shelby, K4WW, Curtis, WX4W and Glenn,”Tom” KE4KY. I hope to take the next level in January.

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