Timo Klimoff, OH1NOA

CWops# 2967, from Pori , Satakunta , Finland.---->View on Google maps

Thanks to my friend Bob, I2WIJ for his nomination and SQ9S, SM5IMO, DL8BH, DJ1YFK and OH3BCX for their sponsoring for CWT membership. I was licensed in 1986 but started my radio hobby already in 1979 at the age of 10 by listening to foreign BC stations – something what I do still this day (FM and Mediumwave DX). I have always been a CW fan but I operate on all modes and bands. My main interest has been contesting, I mainly operate from our club station OH1F. My own modest station is in my mother’s house, so OH1NOA call is not so frequently on the air. Over the years I have visited 73 DXCCs and operated from 25 including 4J1FS and OJ0 in 1992. Some contest highlights were CQWWCW Multi-Multi victory from CT3M in 1989 and several CQWWCW SOAB and SO20m HP European victories (few with EU records) from CT8T/CR6T. If you are interested to know more, I have more information on my QRZ.com page.

During the last years I have been interested in WWFF program and I have now activated over 170 OHFF and ESFF references with my portable station. I hold callsigns OH1NOA, OH0NOA, OJ0M and ES1NOA. For living I am working as Business Services Expert at regional government office.

73 Timo OH1NOA

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