Steven Fook, K2EJ

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I would like to thank Tom KE3GK for nominating me, and W2CDO, K5UV, and AA3B for sponsoring me into the group. It is an honor to be welcomed into this fine organization.

I am originally from Long Island, NY. I started my ham radio journey in 1992 with my first assigned call N2PIF at the age of 16 with my best friend back then, Jason Longboat, N2OVA (SK). During this time, I became involved with public service, DX hunting, and fellowship with the local hams. It was at the beginning where I discovered that CW was my favorite mode, and made it my personal goal to upgrade to Extra class before I graduated high school. I achieved that goal in May 1993, and also was chosen as a Dayton Amateur Radio Association scholarship recipient. During my time on Long Island, I served as the ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator for NLI section from 1997-2000.

It was 2003 when I tried to figure out what to do with my life that took me away from ham radio, but kept my license active. I moved to the Washington, DC area, lived in Northern Virginia until 2007, and then where I currently live now in Northeast Maryland. Several local clubs here convinced me to get back on the air in late 2018, and here I am again.

When I am not on the air, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, photography, gardening, bird watching, and air gunning.

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