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I got my start in Ham Radio like many – the Boy Scouts. On a weekend camping trip (June 1968) in Montrose, NY, a local radio club set up for Field Day adjacent to our campsite. One of the hams showed me how to operate on 20M phone. I wound up spending the night and wee hours of the morning making contacts on the radio! I was hooked! Later that year, Santa Claus (My Dad) was generous for Christmas, as we both went to the Heathkit Store on 45 Street in New York City (we lived in Manhattan) and purchased an HW-16 for $115.95 – quite a bit of money in 1968. Studying for the Novice License (with no help, no Elmer, no Mentor), I tested successfully in late 1970, after two tries at the CW test!  I got my Novice license in February 1971 and became WN2TAW.  While a Novice, I achieved most of the common operating awards on CW with that HW-16 and a dipole before I upgraded!

The QRP CW bug got me really big when I started doing the “Parkpeditions” with a few other local folks some years back with the NAQCC Florida Chapter. I have lots of fun doing this every month. The Parkpedtions remain my favorite “outdoor activity”. I look forward to each and every one of them!  Every outing is an adventure!

I like to contest (all modes) and try to get on the air regularly – now doing CW-T, I also participate in NAQCC, SKCC, Flying Pigs, and also recently QRP-Foxhunting activities.  I LOVE CW!  I like to rag chew as well as doing high speed events.  I also like to build CW radios and accessories, and use them whenever I can.

I’m blessed to have an understanding “radio-proof” XYL. I’m a “semi-retired” Police Captain for the Daytona Beach Police Department – which means that while I did officially retire in 2010, I now only work for them 30-40 hours a week!  I also teach at the University of Central Florida (Go #6 Knights!) part-time.

I have a web page at that has a lot of “stuff” on it for your enjoyment including “The Dog House” (my ham shack in the backyard). I hope you can find the time to take a look! Yes, that HW-16 is there!  

I feel honored to be part of this prestigious group, and thank the Browns – Wayne (N4FP) and Marty (WB2VYK) – for getting me “hooked” again!


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