Steve Price , WB7DND

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Like many new members, I was first licensed many years ago (1976), went inactive due to work and family obligations, and have resumed operating upon retirement. I have operated only CW since resuming activity in 2017. I enjoy CWTs but generally prefer rag chewing. Still working towards WAS. My station is very modest. Yaesu FT 450D, usually at 75 watts into a 20’ high sloping 40m dipole or a 14-ft base loaded vertical. MFJ 901 B tuner. I sometimes operate 10 watts into an Alex Loop. Avoiding extra dits and dahs from paddle keys is a constant struggle. The Kent dual lever paddle key has been banished to a shelf. The single lever Bencher is better, but still often has a mind of its own.

Many thanks to Rob, K6RB, my level II and III instructor, and my fellow students for their patient encouragement and instruction. Thanks also to my sponsors. When I look back on the days of Ameco code records (I still have mine) and how difficult it was to work up to 13 wpm for the General exam, I am amazed at how effectively the CW Academy program has enabled me to advance to 15, 20, and 25 wpm.

I am married to Naomi and have two children and two grandchildren. I was a trial lawyer for about 15 years, then a trial judge for about 15 years, then a semi-retired senior judge for 5 years. As a lawyer and judge, I did mostly criminal cases, from shoplifting to murder. Although I like to fiddle with antennas a bit, the only thing I homebrew is beer. Over 400 batches so far. I also bicycle, take on-line courses (mainly history), solve Rubik’s cube, and take pictures. I have been photographing the Rose City Rollers roller derby league since 2005 ( I have also served on the league’s board of directors, peer mediation service, and code of conduct committee. The photo is from roller derby. It is about 10 years old. I have less hair and more wrinkles now, but this photo with Stella Stardust is one of my all-time favorites. (BTW, I am the one on the right.)

In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature, John Steinbeck said “In my heart there may be doubt that I deserve the Nobel award over other men of letters whom I hold in respect and reverence – but there is no question of my pleasure and pride in having it for myself.” I feel the same way about being admitted to CWops. It is an organization of not only excellent operators, but of gracious and welcoming operators as well. I hold them in respect and reverence. I may not deserve membership as much as many others, but I am very happy to have it for myself.

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