Steve Dick, K1RF

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First, I’ll say that I am honored and humbled to become a CWops member. Thank you Jim, N7US for nominating me and to all my sponsors.

I started my ham journey around 1963 with Previous calls WN2EGR(Novice), and WB2EGR(General). I passed my Extra exam at an FCC office in New York City while in High School. I still remember the stern examiner and the machine sending the 25 wpm CW. My wife and best friend Roberta is also a ham, KB1YOZ (Technician). My hobby led me into a career in electrical engineering, retiring from Northrop Grumman in 2012 as an Engineering Manager. I managed a digital design functional group primarily doing complex FPGA firmware and PC board designs. I also was a project manager on several advanced technology programs. Upon retiring, I finally had some available time to devote to amateur radio.

I always enjoyed CW, but had minimal available operating time during my busy career. My CW skills had become quite rusty with disuse. I stumbled across the CWops website and was intrigued by the weekly CWops 1 hour contests. I got up the courage to participate in one and I was definitely over my head in deep water, but I persevered, and slowly, week after week, my CW skills gradually improved. As of today I’m happy with my progress to date. In the past Field Day, using only quickly set up wire antennas and 100 watt rigs, I was able to make over 500 contacts in 10 hours of operating, my best personal performance by far, thanks to the CWops weekly contests.

My interests include amateur radio circuit design and construction, kit construction, low band operating (primarily on CW), QRP, and most recently, low cost and effective wire antenna designs. I’ve recently learned the antenna simulation tool EZNEC and the RF design tool SimSmith. They work well together.

I’m active in the Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club, You can find some of my presentations on their website at:

My favorites include: XXX

  • The Endfed Half-Wave Antenna
  • Loudspeaker Design Considerations for Amateur Radio
  • Software Defined Radio overview

More info is available on my QRZ.COM webpage.

Looking forward to participating in additional CWops activities and thinking about ways to give back to this talented community and help to promote CW.

This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.

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