Stefano Chieffi, IK5LSR

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I was born in Firenze, Italy, in 1960. A grandpa’s Zenith Transoceanic 1000 was my first approach to radio waves when I was 6 years old, climbing a tree for a better reception (my grandpa screaming after me..hihi). Then I bought, with my first saving moneys, a used CB radio Lafayette. I was 12 years old. When I was 14 years old, I participated in a basic course in electronics made by the local ARI (Italian Amateur Radio Association, the former Associazione Radiotecnica Italiana). The first approach to Morse code was in 1982, doing a basic course with Remo I5ATH, my first tutor. The key was straight, an old postal italian key (I’ve still got it). The radio operator patent arrived soon, but I waited for my license until 1992, because many others commitments (university, sports….marriage hihi).

The basic knowledge of Morse code, permitted me to do standard and 599 QSO’s, but no more. Valerio I5VVA, a very old man, gave me some more recommendations about Morse code in nineties.

My main interest was collecting old tube radios, especially Drake. At the same time, I collected also keys, but using them rarely…..too bad.

Ham radio was, in different shapes, always part of my life, together with sailing, windsurfing, trail running and backpacking.

But only in 2023, with the arrival of a hip prosthesis (too much sport…hihi), I stopped for a while with my sporting commitments and I finally decided to deepen the Morse code. Then I decided to start off on the right foot, by subscribing to CWA intermediate course (May/June 2023). A real good class, with Enzo M0KTZ as tutor. For me, this course, was like an electrical discharge crossing me. After that, I subscribed to the Advanced class. The second real good tutor, Hanz YL3JD followed me and my friends for other two months.

At the same time, the CW QRS Italian telegram group, collecting many friends loving CW, helped me to improve my skill. Now I use straight key, bug, sideswiper and, of course, paddle too. My preferred keys are Begali, IK1OJM Sal, I2QOD Frattini and old bugs.

I am a medical doctor, specialized in dentistry, married with Paola. We have a daughter, Angelica, 30 years old, already married and Cosmo, a dachshund 1 and half years old.

Now I’m proud to be part of CWops, thanks to my nominator Hanz YL3JD, and the sponsors Enzo M0KTZ, Stuart GD0OUD and Emil I5EFO. Thank you all.

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