Igor Roschupkin, RX6FJ

CWops# 3527, from Pyatigorsk , stavropolsky Kr , Russia.---->View on Google maps

First, I would like to say a big “thank you” to Emil I5EFO for nominating me, and also to Thomas DF7TV, Doug KR2Q, Keith K7MOA, Bud AA3B who sponsored my membership. I am indeed proud to be new CWops member #3527.

My first license, UA6EDW, was issued in 1986 Cherkessk city, when I was 16 years old. In those early days, I was seriously and actively involved in High Speed Telegraphy and take part in various HST competitions. However, this did not stop me from going to the HF bands very often and speak the CW language with my friends.

I subsequently with great desire became a member of several European telegraphy clubs such as UQRQC, HSC, VHSC, SHSC, EHSC, AGCW-DL.

Due to various positive changes in my life from 2010 I now sign RX6FJ from Pyatigorsk, North Caucasus. This is a very comfortable and friendly region with a mild climate. Trips with radio to the Caucasus mountains bring a lot of memorable impressions which are remembered for a long time.

For me, the CW is a reliable and priority way of communication. I am always very happy to hear new operators from different parts of our world who, like me, prefer telegraphy QSOs. I will thank you very much if you call me with your key quickly or slowly. Of course, I am in my hobby using high-quality single and double lever, vertical and bug CW keys. Many of them are made by the hands of a professional craftsman Valery Pavlov – RA1AOM. Нis engineering works are ready to work at any touch of the fingers. I think that many respected CW operators will agree with me. I hope that reliable telegraphy will never die and even increase. I’ll try my best to do this.

My primary focus in radio is also DXCC hunting, and my current DXCC CW entity count is 331. At the same time, I try to participate in major CW Contests with “low power” whenever possible and enjoy it.

In my daily life, I work as a communications system design engineer. I have a beloved wife and two adult sons from whom I receive great support in my endeavors.

I’m honored to have been invited to join CWops. Looking forward to meeting other members on the air.


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