Spas Spassov , LZ1HW

CWops# 2001, from Lom , Montana , Bulgaria.---->View on Google maps


– Name – Spas Spassov

– Born – Nov., 1946

– Education – Msc.E.E. – 1970 – High Mechanical and Electrical Institute – Sofia

– Married, two daughters, five grandchildren

B. Job Activity

– Up to 1974 – Bulgarian Academy of Science

– Up to the end of career – working with different FTO’s in the sphere of communication and energy equipment.

– In the periods 1978/1982 and 1986/1987 – Assistant Commercial Counsellor – Trade Srction of Bulgarian Embassy in Karachi, Pakistan and in 1996/1999 – Commercial Counsellor to the Bulgarian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

– Retired in 2005.

C. Ham activity

– Ham since 1965

– Licensed as LZ1HW in 1973.

(N.B. – Licence was issued as to a citizen of the Southern part of Bulgaria,, where I was living at that time. Nowadays I am living in the Northern part of the country and as per the rules of Bulgarian PTT and BFRA, have to use ‘’/2’’after my callsign for daily activity (excluding contests, where I may use LZ1HW).

– QRT between 1987 to 2007

– DXCC wkd/cfmd – 313/311

– Favourite modes of working – CW (99% of QSO’s), DXing, pile-ups.

D. Equipment – TS590S, ACOM 1000, verticals, wires.


This biography is what appeared in Solid Copy when the member joined CWops.