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I was first licensed as WN2GHA in 1976. I’ve been active in most aspects of the radio hobby most of my adult life. This long enjoyment of the hobby led to a successful book “Radio Monitoring a How to Guide” that managed to make it to two editions. I now make that book available for free under Creative Commons license through The North American Shortwave Association. It’s a bit dated now but feel free to give it a look.

I was contributing Editor at Monitoring Times Magazine from 1988 through 2010 writing their Beginners and Ham Radio Columns. I also wrote the Ham Radio Column for the Canadian International DX Club “CIDX Messenger” online magazine from 2011 through to the present (although I am stepping down from this project in September to work on a new book.) I have had articles published in QST, CQ, QRP Quarterly, et al.

I have most of the standard “Wallpaper” WAS, WAC, DXCC, WPX, etc. Still looking to fill out 5BDXCC on 80 Meters and I’m still a few short on WAZ but I’m plugging along.

Over the years my interests gravitated to QRP and, of course CW operation (Hey, you need all the advantages you can get when you’re a Peanut Whistle.) I’ve managed QRP WAS. WAC, and DXCC along with multiple 1000 Miles per Watt Awards.

Current primary station is an Elecraft KX3 with a PX3 Panadapter and (when needed) a KXPA 100 Amp into an Alpha Delta DXCC Doublet. Main Keys are a Kent KT-1 and Kent TP-1B Paddles. I also have an extensive collection of other keys, paddles and bugs that I swap in from time to time. There may be a mic in the shack somewhere but I’d really have to look around for it. I’m also fond of the Heathkit QRP rigs and keep an HW7, HW8, and HW9 alive and on the air on a regular basis.

I am an ARRL Life Member (member for over 40 years). I served as Southern NJ Affiliated Club Coordinator from 2013-2014 and became SNJ Section Manager in 2015. I finish my term as SM in December to devote more time to enjoying the hobby in semi-retirement. I am currently a Senior Adjunct Professor in the Liberal Arts Department of Rowan College at Burlington County.

My XYL and I enjoy trailer camping and I bring an Elecraft KX2 on all such excursions so keep an ear out for me. Other non-ham interests include bicycling, kayaking, and acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

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