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A special thanks to G0HKC, Keith Chambers, for sponsoring me and W0EJ, Bill Nixon; W0GAS, Greg Smith and NE5A, George Randolph for nominating me to this awesome organization!

In January of last year, my husband, Jeremy, W1EZE, signed up to take the CW Academy Beginner course on Monday and Thursday nights. I asked if he’d have a problem with me sitting in to learn and he said, “Of course not!” The first night, I was really enjoying the class, learning the first few characters and answering questions in the background off camera. The second night, Bill, W0EJ, the Beginner Advisor, noticed Jeremy saying things off camera on mute, and asked who he was talking to. Of course, Jeremy ratted me out telling him I had been answering questions the entire time. Next thing I know I’m joining the Beginner class in full student mode. I said I would simply stay in the background, but that didn’t last very long! Bill, with his advising acumen, had me out in front answering questions and getting over that key fright doing my first QSO by the time the Beginner class was finished! Bill is an amazing advisor and an even better friend! He’s been there every step of the way and has helped Jeremy and me improve and grow through this incredible and sometimes trying CW journey. Being able to be his assistance advisor this last term has truly been an honor and one I look forward to repeating.

Thanks to my other amazing advisors, N9EP, Ed Picha, who kicked CW into an entirely different mode for me in Basic, W3PNM, Bill DeVore, who patiently answered my questions about everything under the sun from CW to antennas putting up with my silly jokes in Intermediate class, to G0HKC, Keith Chamberlain, and his amazing kick arse sidekick, G0JPS, Kit Caton, out of the UK, who taught me that CW doesn’t require talking if we make mistakes while “shopping” and we need to “up the anti” as we increase speed from week to week in Advanced Class.

Another special thanks goes to W0GAS, Greg Smith, my first QSO outside of my CW Academy classes. After I emailed him and thanked him for the QSO, we’ve been in contact ever since. He is a source of inspiration and guidance, and I am so thankful I know him.

Through this last year, I have seen peaks and valleys learning CW, but through this journey I have never been alone. Through frustrations and successes, I have always had a member of CWops buoying me up or cheering me on. I am grateful to be a member of an organization that does that for others, and I look forward to doing that same thing for those going through this same journey I have traveled and still travel.

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