Roger Delisle, VE3RDE

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I’m honoured to join CWops and I wish to thank Glen NK1N for kindly nominating me and Joe AA8TA, Brian KF6C, Tom K7QA, and Steve K8BZ for sponsoring me. Many thanks also to my Advanced course Advisor Joe KK5NA. He leaves a long-lasting legacy from our course, as 3 other alumni and I still get together every Monday evening on Zoom to practice our higher-speed code, with a fun exercise of guessing songs based on a lyric line.

I got my Amateur Radio license in 2012. Since then, I’ve operated in several modes including SSB and several digital modes and I’m now working almost exclusively in CW as it’s become a real passion since my first QSO in that mode in 2015. I’ve been teaching CW at my local club and more recently online as a CW Academy Advisor. I’m also honoured to be serving on the Board of Directors of the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC). From 2015 to 2019 I was the President of my local Amateur Radio Club in nearby Gatineau, QC ( I’m also a member of the ARRL, Radio Amateurs of Canada, Feld Hell Club, and the NAQCC.

I’ve been a Software Engineer for 19 years, both in the private sector and now for the Government. For a while I’ve also managed academic R&D grants in science and engineering disciplines. I love music, keeping busy with a daily hour of practice on the trumpet or flügelhorn, as well as playing piano & keyboards, composing, and choral singing. I love camping and go several times a season with friends, pitching a tent at both car campgrounds and in the backcountry by kayak. I’ve got other interests as well: Cooking, astronomy, cycling, birdwatching, and aviation (private pilot’s license). I’ve flown Cessna’s and a Piper Cherokee 180 which I co-owned for 4 years.

Amateur radio is taking on an increasing place in my schedule and my new CWops membership will help me see to that. I’m already addicted to the CWT to get that weekly fix of code, like many ops it seems. I’m also looking forward to discovering the other events of the club and keeping up my role as Advisor. It’s a fun way to give back to this club for its dedication to perfecting and keeping up the art of CW. Thank you!

Equipment I own, or have owned: FT-8900, Flex-3000, TS-2000, Icom 7300, Elecraft KX-3 w/ 100W amp, TH-D72A, Windom OCFD, 40m vertical, as well as a growing collection of straight keys, sideswipers, bugs and paddles. I’m shopping for a serious contesting rig.

Thanks again and see you on the air.

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