Gordon Olsson, AA7TQ

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I am honored to become a member of CWops. I would like to thank the following people for nominating and sponsoring me: Jim N7MU, Hank W6SX, Jeremy NJ6Q and Michael KE8AQW.

My first memory of being fascinated with radio was when my parents gave me a crystal radio as a Christmas present. I fastened a long wire to it and attached it to TV guy wire outside my window. I was amazed how many stations I could hear.

Fast forward to high school when one of my friends said he talked to Florida the other night. I told him that I bet his phone bill was high. (This was in the early 1970’s) He tried to explain what ham radio was. I was amazed.

I earned my Novice license in 1970 (WN6AFR). I spent many nights communicating in Morse code in my bedroom. I couldn’t believe how exciting this hobby was. I upgraded to General and Advanced. (WA6AFR) Eventually, I increased my code speed up to 20 wpm and passed the Extra Class License. Now AA6TQ.

I went to college at California State University Stanislaus where I earned a Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts. I also obtained a teaching credential. I taught elementary school children for 34 years. During this time I dropped out of amateur radio.

I was busy with teaching elementary school students, a family, flying remote control gliders, and a side business repairing computers.

After retirement, my wife and I moved up to Spokane, WA. I decided I wanted to get back into the hobby. I was amazed how much the hobby had changed.

I learned about CWops from a fellow ham Helen KF7QNS. We went through Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced classes together. I really enjoyed the classes, the teachers, and fellow classmates.

Now I am interested in teaching Morse code to others in the CWops organization. This is a hobby that I have loved for over 50 years. The CWops organization is one that I am proud to be associated with.

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