Rob Sadkowski , K6KM

I got my ticket on May 2018 as an Extra: AJ6CY. In September I got my IC7300 and by December Gary: NA6O helped me install an AV680 20ft up over the Garage. Since then I enjoyed DX, SOTA and got recruited as a contesting operator at N6RO. I belong to NCCC.

SOTA was moving slow with just SSB and I missed on a lot of contesting opportunities not knowing CW. Gary told me about CW Academy. I quickly enrolled and got a Bencher Keyer with a practice electronic Keyer. On April of 2019 I started Level 1 with Buzz AC6AC, September 2019 Level 2 with Ted WA3AER and finally Advanced Level January 2020 with Serge NS6W. I thank them greatly for the time and effort they put coaching students to become proficient CW operators.

Right after Level 1 I was proficient enough to be awarded Shack Sloth in SOTA as CW broaden the rate of QSOs available to me. After Level 2 I dipped my toes on some CW Contesting and in Level 3 I was all-in on CWTs. By December of 2019 I obtained my current vanity call sign: K6KM.

I am very excited about joining CWOps and want to keep improving my copying skills beyond 30wpm.

A big Thanks to all my sponsors and also to my contesting Mentors: Chris N6WM, Ken N6RO and Gary NA60. I also have to mention the constant support of my XYL and two boys: David (14) and Ethan (12). David actually learned to send my call sign at 45wpm!

See you on the air!