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Greetings to all readers, and special thanks to my CWA instructors Bill AG4EA and Buzz AC6AC who guided my journey. Also thanks to my CWA classmates, who joined in the partnership of pressure and patience to push each other past the finish line.

Perhaps an interesting aspect of my Morse journey is it arguably validates dropping the code requirement from General class. Huh? Well, I was licensed 20 years ago, but never made it past Technician because of the General code “burden.” I quickly lost interest in ham radio, and the license expired. I recently re-licensed, passing both Tech and General in the same sitting, and finally got a taste of HF. Only then did I appreciate CW, and then wanted to learn it, and here I am. But woe for those lost 20 years!

When not on the air, I’m a full time software developer and father to a pre-teen, so ham radio squeezes in when it can. I have several other hobbies which cycle in and out of my life, including guitar playing, electronics, skateboarding, languages and more. There’s usually a cat in my shack helping decode weak signals, and several outside ferals my wife feeds in return for guarding my antennas. I frequently operate my HF mobile in the driveway from inside the house over Wi-Fi, using a homebrew remote keying system I’m always happy to chat about.

I look forward to CW QSOs with all of you, and sharing my QSL card which includes Morse-themed artwork by my daughter, featuring Florida’s diverse wildlife.

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