Jack Treloar, AA0IZ

CWops# 2943, from Newberg , OR , USA.---->View on Google maps

I am very pleased to be your #2943. Please look for “2N43” in our weekly CWTs!

I progressed on my CW journey this year because of the wonderful structure that CWops provides. My sincere thanks to Mike Curry, KI7OMH (my Intermediate advisor) and to Phil Schechter, W0OJ (my Advanced advisor) for their terrific support!

I now live in Newberg, Oregon with my lovely wife Joy and our two kitties (Ginger and Jill). I’ve been in this hobby since I got my Novice ticket in 1986. I’m originally from Iowa (hence – AAØIZ). In 1992 I got my Extra and I’ve always enjoyed CW.

As you know life gets busy with school, work, family, and travel. It was due to those precious things that I was not able to be active on the air for a good many years. My life has been blessed, and there are too many great things to take your time with here. It was by good fortune that I came back to our hobby in 2020 through my friend Kevin (K7ZS).

I’m an electrical engineer by day, and I enjoy creating homebrew gear. I’m currently working on amp project using a 4-1000a tetrode. I also like contesting, and I have great times with our local club members in KT7E (look for us on 3830 !)

I’m an aspiring CW rag-chewer and I look forward to working toward the QTX awards. I also really enjoy supporting our CWops Giving Back program each week.

I must tell you that I am always inspired by the terrific people I meet in our radio community. You folks are what makes our hobby great. I look forward to meeting you on the air!

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